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Yorubas Started Nollywood And They Own The Industry — Actress And Filmmaker Aisha Lawal


Nollywood actress Aisha Lawal asserts that Yoruba actors and filmmakers have a rightful claim to owning Nollywood because they were the pioneers. Lawal made this statement in response to critics who believe that the Yoruba segment of Nollywood is lagging behind. In an interview with Tribune, she emphasized, “We have dominion over the industry. If you dig into the history, you will find the likes of Hubert Ogunde and Ade Love confirming it. I won’t delve into specifics, but thorough research will reveal that the Yorubas are the founders of this industry. Although we faced challenges at some point, we are not playing catch-up. We have already established ourselves. Now, everyone wants to create a Yoruba movie.”

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