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Why I stopped working at Dangote’s factory – Singer Bella Shmurda


Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda recently shared a tragic incident that occurred while he was employed at Dangote’s noodles factory in Lagos. He revealed that the death of one of his colleagues, who tragically fell from the company’s building into scalding industrial oil, prompted him to quit his job immediately.

In a recent interview with Cool FM Nigeria, Shmurda recounted the distressing experience: “It happened on a Saturday morning while we were already at work. Suddenly, we heard screams from everyone, signaling that someone had fallen into the hot oil. He was on the roof, cleaning, when he unfortunately fell. Within the factory, there is a specific oil that the Indomie noodles pass through to become firm. It goes through the oil, hardens, and is then packaged in the nylon.” Shmurda continued, “So, this guy fell into that oil.

It took a while before they were able to retrieve him. Sadly, he suffered severe burns. That day, I immediately took off my work clothes and shoes, and left. I made up my mind that I would no longer continue working there.”

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