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Tinubu: I’m managing very serious situation — Niger coup


President Bola Tinubu, the Chairman of the ECOWAS Authority of Heads of State and Government, expressed that he is managing a significant situation and is responsible for holding back ECOWAS heads of state and government. He urged a delegation of Islamic scholars who were previously engaged in discussions with the military junta in Niger Republic to expedite progress in their ongoing dialogue. In a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Tinubu emphasized the seriousness of the situation and his role in preventing external reactions.

He also mentioned receiving numerous phone calls regarding military force and contributions, but advised them to wait until he meets with the Ulamas. The Ulama’a briefed Tinubu on their discussions with the military junta and stated their commitment to resolving the crisis through diplomatic efforts, without resorting to war or military action.

The ECOWAS heads of state and government, with Tinubu as its Chairman, have imposed sanctions and threatened military action if the democratically elected government is not reinstated. The Islamic clerics, led by Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi, reiterated their stance on resolving the political crisis peacefully.

President Tinubu directed them to return to Niger and resume negotiations with the military junta. Sheikh Bauchi led the delegation and met with the President at the Presidential Villa in Abuja to provide an update on their discussions with the junta on behalf of ECOWAS. Following the meeting, Sheikh Bauchi expressed gratitude for the chance to meet with the President. He stated, “We are thankful to Allah for granting us this opportunity, and we commend the President’s efforts. During our meeting, we briefed him on the situation in Niger and he appreciated our report. Furthermore, he entrusted us with the mandate to continue engaging in dialogue with the junta.

They have shown willingness to listen, and we are confident that peaceful discussions will lead to the desired outcomes. As spiritual leaders, we will return to Niger to contribute our part in fostering peace through peaceful and harmonious means. Our objective is not war, but rather the establishment of peace in our region. May Allah continue to bless the President for granting us this opportunity.”

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