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Portable teases catchy cover of Asake’s hit single ‘Organise’


Details: Portable has displayed his talent on a couple of songs since he broke into the mainstream with Olamide-assisted ‘Zazzu Zeh’.

In the latest show of his talent, the trouble-shooting artist who recently received a chieftaincy title in Ogun State shared clips of his cover of Asake’s hit single ‘Organise‘.

Azaman‘: Portable’s cover sees him reference the recent public dispute between Carter Efe and Berri Tiga over the ownership of their hit single ‘Machala‘.

In the catchy cover, Portable talked about how some personalities set out to cheat artists in the name of helping them while employing street relatable lexicons.

Speaking from experience: Portable was involved in a public dispute with dancer, promoter, and media personality Poco Lee after the release of ‘Zazzuh Zeh’ remix where Poco Lee claimed the position of the lead artist.

The situation Portable found himself in then is similar to that of Berri Tiga who wrote and recorded ‘Machala’ which was promoted and financed by Carter Efe. The single has since become the subject matter of a bitter dispute between the two and it has split opinion, especially between artists and influencers.

Likely Copyright Issues: Portable’s cover uses the beat and melody of Asake’s ‘Organise’ which means it would likely be taken down from streaming platforms for copyright bridge should he upload it.

It’s however possible that the song might be available on Audiomack where covers are commonly posted. Also, it might be available on popular music download platforms.

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