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Napoli social media executive has stepped down following a dispute involving Osimhen and TikTok


Alessio Fortino, the social media executive of Napoli, has resigned from his position at the Italian club. This decision comes in the midst of a controversy caused by videos posted on their TikTok account, which seemed to ridicule striker Victor Osimhen. As a result, Osimhen’s agent threatened legal action. One of the videos, which compared Osimhen to a ‘coconut’ – a term widely considered a racial slur – has since been deleted after circulating online. Following this incident, the club’s social media executive announced his departure from the club through a post on his personal Instagram account. Fortino expressed his gratitude to all the colleagues, collaborators, partners, and supporters he encountered during his time at the club. He described his experience as a daily reality of commitment and a constant desire to learn and grow. After 805 days, Fortino bid farewell to his professional journey with SSC Napoli, carrying with him cherished memories and excitement for upcoming adventures. He thanked everyone once again and expressed his anticipation of meeting them in the near future.

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