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I’ve fulfilled all my campaign promises to Nigerians – Pres. Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari has said his administration had delivered on its campaign promises made to Nigerians in 2015.

Speaking at an event in Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State on Saturday, the president added that he had delivered in the areas of the economy, and insecurity and also fought against corr¥ption.

According to him, “Let me remind us all that my campaign to become the president in 2015 was built on the promise to improve the security, strengthen the economy and combat corr¥ption.

It is with immense gratitude to Almighty Allah that I make bold to say that we have delivered on the three promises.

At my inauguration, the country was practically under the siege of t£rrorism and other forms of insecurity. With every sense of responsibility, I state boldly that the war against t£rrorism has been fought and won, as all the territories lost to these groups have been reclaimed. And t£rrorism in Nigeria today is breathing its last breath.

It is also noteworthy that under my watch, Nigeria rose from the brackish waters of near-economic collapse to being acknowledged as the largest economy on the African continent.

This is no mean feat. It is not a given. It can only be the result of a well-orchestrated developmental plan.

Corr¥ption also held the country by the jugular before I assumed office in 2015.

My administration has revamped the education sector through increased funding for human capital and infrastructural development.

While it is an impossibility to channel all the available funds in the country to the education sector, it is a matter of public knowledge that my administration has been incrementally increasing funding to the sector in its yearly budgets.”

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