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Feedback on the trending video of assault on a passenger in Kogi State


The matter was assigned to the X Squad, FCID for thorough investigation and necessary sanctions.

The Fact:

Asp Barnabas Isah, AP/No. 285845 Insp Ifediegwu Godwin, F/No. 508704 Sgt Emmanuel Ochima, F/No. 514369 Cpl Umameh Mathias, all attached to Adogo Division Kogi State police Command, were posted for stop and search along Adogo/Okene highway. On the 16th of October, 2021.

They stopped one Toyota Hiace, In the course of their duty belonging to Big Joe Transport company, and in the process of F/No. 514369 Cpl Mathias Umameh assaulted a passenger, and it was caught in a viral video.

The officer was issued a query for Lack of supervision while the inspector and rank and files were defaulted and tried for offences of Disobedience to lawful order, Discreditable conduct, unlawful or unnecessary exercise of authority and corrupt practice.

F/no 514369 Cpl Mathias Umameh has been found guilty of the offences of unlawful or unnecessary exercise of authority and uncleanliness and was reduced in rank.

While AP/No 285845 Inspr Ifediegwu Godwin and F/no 508704 Sgt Emmanuel Ochima were used as prosecution witnesses against Umameh, and they were later warned.

We owe Nigerians a duty of updating them on the incident since the video resurfaced and widely circulated.

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