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Davido Spotted Alongside Usher In The Studio


Jitekmedia reports that Nigerian singer and songwriter, Davido was spotted in a recording studio alongside Usher. The two were spotted recording a song together in a video posted on Instagram. 

Although, we don’t know if we should be expecting the song on Davido’s next album, as he has been spotted in various studios across Lagos, Accra, London, New York, Spain, and recently in France in what can be said to be a serious couple of month for the singer. 

The clip of the two together in the studio suggests that there might be a possible collaboration in the mix. Davido has teased that he will be releasing his fourth studio album this year and with him in album mode, Usher might just be another addition to the album. 

Should fans expect a possible collaboration?: It’s normal for fans to speculate the possibility of a collaboration whenever two artists are spotted together in the studio. 

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