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Daddy Showkey Raises Concerns About Excessive Threats to Mohbad’s Safety


Renowned Nigerian musician John Odafe Asiemo, popularly known as Daddy Showkey, recently disclosed that he has been receiving numerous death threats in response to his comments concerning the untimely passing of rising singer Mohbad on September 12, 2023. During an interview with media personality Daddy Freeze, Daddy Showkey implicated influential individuals in the music industry and society, suggesting a possible connection between their power and the rapper’s demise.

Revisiting Daddy Freeze’s Instagram live session on Monday evening, Showkey revealed that he has been targeted with threats from government officials since his last statement regarding Mohbad’s death. He stated, “Daddy Freeze, do you know that after my previous interview with you, I received an abundance of death threats? Do you know that even government personnel were issuing threats against me? “I informed them to watch your interview.

Did I say anything incorrect? I am simply speaking the truth. You would not believe the ordeal I went through. I didn’t sleep that entire night. They were relentlessly threatening me. “Daddy Freeze, I am unaware of the struggles you face with all the work you’re doing. The threats they made against me were so severe that I wondered about your situation as well.”

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