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Buhari Made 46 Promises To Nigerians Before Becoming President


In 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari promised a lot of things to the people of Nigeria when he was running for president. These promises were really important and helped him win the election.

To make sure that he keeps his promises, Pulse made a list of all the things he said he would do. They got this list from different places like speeches he made and documents from his political party. Here are some of the things he promised to do:

1. Government officials have to tell everyone what they own and owe.

2. There will be police for each state and community.

3. Government officials can’t go to other countries for medical treatment.

4. Women will get at least 35% of the top jobs in government.

5. The Ajaokuta steel company will start working again.

6. There will be enough electricity for everyone all the time.

7. 740,000 graduates will get jobs in every state and the capital city.

8. Students who are good at science will get free school and university.

9. Each state will get 20,000 new jobs every year.

10. There will be 3 million new jobs every year.

11. Graduates will learn new skills and get loans to start businesses, creating 5 million new jobs by 2019.

12. Churches and Mosques don’t have to pay taxes, but their businesses do.

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