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Brid feeds her aso-ebi girls strong drinks to get them to cloud 9 on her wedding day


The girls were super excited to get their hands on some alcohol at the wedding. They even asked for more after they got some! This Nigerian bride is causing a stir on social media because she gave her friends alcohol at her wedding.

According to the TikTok video creator, the bride had a specific goal in mind for her aso-ebi attendants – to be exuberant and wild.

The uploader suggested that the bride aimed to intoxicate and energize her aso-ebi squad so that they could match her level of excitement.

In essence, the bride’s desire was to create an atmosphere of celebration and joy, and she believed that her aso-ebi attendants played a crucial role in achieving this goal

By encouraging them to be exuberant and wild, she hoped to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for all those in attendance.

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“It doesn’t make sense for married women to be on facebook. they should face their home and leave Facebook”

Me on my wedding….. we must all get high to be able to dance clear eyes no fit do am I don’t want any of them to be shy

If only We can ask what the eyes of the mattress suffer that night? God bless her home.

I am this bride, nobody go form big girl cos we will all go dirty together

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