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APC Supporters In Abuja To Demand Congratulatory Messages For President-Elect Tinubu


APC supporters protest in Abuja to demand congratulatory messages for President-elect Tinubu.

Billed to defend the mandate of the party’s leader and president-elect, Bola Tinubu, the protesters said the failure or refusal to congratulate a new Nigerian leader could continue to fuel doubts over his mandate.

Suleiman Raji, one of the organisers who said he came in from Ilorin to attend the protest, said it was to condemn those who have been silent because their action or inaction could put Mr Tinubu’s mandate in jeopardy.

“They are refusing to congratulate him and that is why we keep seeing people coming with all manner of attacks on the president-elect,” Mr Raji said on Monday morning. “It is very wrong because he was elected by Nigerians in a free and fair campaign.”

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