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Seun kuti Reacts After Some Nigerians Accused Him Of Bing Insensitive After He Share A Report About Nigerian Children Drying Of Hunger


Seun Kuti reacts after some Nigerians accused him of being insensitive after he share a report about Nigeria children dying of hunger and not a post commisserating with Davido on the passing of his son, Ifeanyi

As the would mourned the passing of Davido’s son on Tuesday, Seun decided to share a screenshot of a report that read” Over one in 10 children in Nigeria die before their 5th birthday due to acute hunger-Report”

Some social media users said it was insensitive of him since many people including celebrities like him were mourning Ifeanyi’s death.

In this video, Seun pointed out that he didn’t have to make a post to mourn the boy. He said since he has never posted Davido’s sucess on his page, the demise of his son shouldn’t be the first thing he would post. He said he would rather pay Davido a visit to commiserate with him.

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