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04 Things You Didn’t Know About BURNA BOY


Burna boy isn’t who you think he is from serving jail time in London to winning a Grammy award and even selling out stadiums worldwide here are 10 things you didn’t know about burner.

01 Burna Boy embarked on his musical journey at the tender age of 10. While his peers were engrossed in games and play, Burna Boy was already fervently pursuing his passion for music. Picture a young boy, with an unwavering love for creating melodies, utilizing a program called Fruity Loops, borrowed from his classmates, to compose his own tunes. But that’s not all. Even while attending school, Burna Boy took a step further by forming a band that rocked the stage with electrifying performances at thrilling concerts. Not stopping there, he also ventured into becoming a DJ and MC, entertaining the crowds at local events. However, Burna Boy faced considerable challenges in the early stages of his career. He encountered judgment and unfair treatment due to his youth and Afrocentric style. Nevertheless, he remained undeterred, persevering through hard work to ultimately achieve success.

02 Burna Boy’s passion for music can be traced back to his extraordinary grandfather, Benson Idah. This remarkable man had a close working relationship with Fela Kuti and Nicolak Bokuti. Benson Idah, in charge of a band, managed the renowned musician Fela Kuti, who had a significant impact in Africa. Adonijay, who worked closely with Fela for many years, played a crucial role in spreading his music and messages. Adonijay worked tirelessly to produce Fela’s albums, organize tours, and introduce his music to a wider audience. Thanks to Adonijay’s dedication, Afrobeat music gained worldwide fame, and his contributions to the genre are still celebrated today. Burna Boy aims to honor his grandfather’s legacy by using his own music to promote African culture and identity.

03 Burna Boy born into a wealthy family, Burna Boy’s background contradicts his public image as a poor boy from Pawtucket who turned to gangsterism. His father owned a welding company, and his mother excelled in business and education. Despite this, Burna Boy attended private schools in Nigeria and two prestigious universities in the UK, an opportunity not easily afforded by those from humble backgrounds. Interestingly, Burna Boy has consistently portrayed himself as a hood boy, sharing stories of life in the slums through his music, which often discusses street life and violence. However, some skeptics argue that Burna Boy’s claims about his upbringing are exaggerated, suggesting that his music is more about his personal experiences and struggles rather than an authentic representation of street life. Regardless of whether Burna Boy truly lived a hood life, his journey from humble beginnings is undeniable.

04 His mother serves as his manager. Meet Bossa Ogulu, a powerhouse mom who has been steering the ship for her talented son. She has been Burna Boy’s manager for quite some time. However, it was in 2019 when she finally gained recognition. Burna Boy was on the verge of winning a Grammy, putting the spotlight on her. But there’s more to this remarkable woman than just being a manager. She is also a savvy businesswoman and educator. In the past, she has worked as a translator for the Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce and as a lecturer at the University of Potaka. She is a strong and supportive mother who has played a crucial role in Burna Boy’s success in the music industry. She has helped him secure deals with record labels, book tours, and collaborate with other artists. If you want to reach him, you better go through his mother first. Yes, he is a true mama’s boy and proudly flaunts that title.

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